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Wild Run

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Burning on Copper: This one of a kind painting on Copper was created using the artist’s unique process of 'Burning', utilizing dry pigments, flammable liquids and live flame. Due to the nature of the process this painting cannot be copied, and the artist has chosen to not make photographic prints of the work to maintain the exclusivity of these moments in time.

Rhonda Thurn has been involved in all forms of the arts since childhood and has pursued her passion for creating with vigor. She graduated with a B.F.A. in Painting from the Alberta College of Art & Design, after which she has continued a dedicated studio practice.  Ms. Thurn’s has exhibited in both solo and group exhibits Internationally.

Rhonda has developed a technique of painting on copper and steel with dry pigments and patinas. Various techniques from encaustic, oil, batik and enamel traditions are utilized to explore painting in a bold, textural manner. This method of painting is innovative and marries many processes to broaden its scope and readability.

Rhonda also engages in other artistic media such as oil or acrylic on canvas, three dimensional work, utilizing found objects, and impressionist style portraits and landscapes with gouache on paper. These paintings use color blocks, shapes, and contrast in combination with the human eye bring the image to life. Many of these works on paper are commissioned.

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