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The NSCAD Art Store Online Gallery features artwork for sale by the talented and diverse Students, Faculty and Alumni of NSCAD University.

The online only gallery aims to showcase and sell the work of current students, alumni and faculty of NSCAD University, reaching a vast network of art patrons, local and commercial markets.

If you are interested in submitting works, please fill out the Artwork Submission Application form and the Article Receipt and email them to before the next intake session.

Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis and works are uploaded on the following dates:

    • April 1st
    • July 1st
    • October 1st
    • January 3rd

Artwork Submission Application

Article Receipt

Please send any questions to only prior to submission or throughout the sales process.


Qualifications To Submit

  1. Must be a current NSCAD Student, Faculty or Alumni
  2. Must Live in Nova Scotia or be able to send works to the store within 3 business days of sale notification for shipment.
  3. All work must cost a minimum of $20 CAD
  4. No work will be accepted that features derogatory or discriminatory subject matter as deemed offensive by the NSCAD University Code of Conduct.
  5. A maximum of 6 pieces may be submitted per quarterly submission.
  6. Artwork is not to be brought to the NSCAD Art Store until the artist receives a notification of sale. A digital image is all that is required of the work. Please submit images of the front, sides and back of all 3D works using the Article Receipt.



FAQ's for Submission and Consignment

All qualified works will be uploaded provided they meet the above mentioned qualifications to submit. Submissions will be uploaded on the 1st of April, July, October and January but please submit ready works at any time.The works must be in by 12 a.m. the day before the end of the quarter. Please include title, retail price, media, and size (including frame, height by width) by using our Article Receipt Form.

Works that have been returned to an artist may not be resubmitted.

Works will be removed from the website after three months if they have not sold during that period. You will be notified via email what has sold per quarter and receive an email money transfer for those works sold.

Artwork is not to be brought to the NSCAD Art Store until the artist recieves a notification of sale.

Media and Subject Matter

Oils, acrylics, watercolours, pastels, drawings, mixed media, ceramics, jewellery, textiles, paper/book arts, limited edition photography and prints (intaglio, wood and Lino block, lithographs and screen-prints) are accepted. We do not accept reproductions. A variety of subject matter is welcome. Limited edition prints and photographs must be numbered. The maximum edition for prints is 200, for photography the maximum edition is 75.

Finishing and Framing Guidelines

The NSCAD Art Supply Store does not permit its staff to repair art works or frames for you before being shipped to the customer. Any damages that occur during shipment will be the responsibility of the store.


Sale and Commission

The NSCAD Art Supply Store deducts a commission of 30% from all sales. Artists must include this commission in the price quoted upon submission. Sales are remitted quarterly via EFT only.


Please submit a brief biography and/or an artist’s CV indicating background, art study pursued, details of participation in exhibitions, awards, gallery connections and any other relevant information that may be of interest to our customers or assist in the online sale. You are encourage to submit a headshot and/or logo for the website but it is not mandatory.

Transportation and Packaging Costs

All costs of transporting and packaging art works to the store are the responsibility of the Artist, including packing materials. We ask that artists give advance notice before dropping work off so we be ready when they arrive. All shipping costs for online sales will be charged to the purchaser.



Technical Guidelines for Submitting Works

All works must be dry when submitted for shipment. Works that are still wet when submitted are at risk of being damaged during shipment.

A title and date should be marked on the back of the work along with the artist’s signature when the piece is dropped off for shipment.  

All works submitted for shipment must be wired on the back, ready for hanging.

All framed works must be in good condition. Frames with nicks or scratches that are not part of the frame design will not be accepted until changed or repaired by the artist.

Watercolours, pastel, graphite/charcoal, silk/felt paintings, photography, and prints must be submitted framed under glass, plexiglass or plastic envelopes.

Metal frames with glass are acceptable for work that is three feet or less in length and width, however anything over three feet must be in a solid frame that does not flex to prevent breakage. Delicate wooden frames will not be accepted due to their fragility during the shipping process.  

Unframed canvas paintings over 5”x7” must have sides that are at least 1 1/2 inches thick and staple free. They should be finished either by painting the sides in one tone or continuing the work around the sides.

A biography, artist statement or any information about the work is welcome to ship to the customer on a separate paper or packet.

Images can be submitted in JPG or PNG format only. With size preference of 2048 x 2048 Pixels.


  • Frames must meet professional standards. Raw wood or other porous materials must be sealed to prevent staining. Corners must meet, and no nails should be sticking out.
  • Use quality wire that is appropriate for the weight of the work
  • The wire ends should be wound tightly and if not using coated wire, please tape the splayed ends to avoid injury when handled.
  • In order to hang flat on the wall the wire should be placed at one third the height (from the top). The wire should be a few inches longer than the distance between the hooks.
  • Mats must be of archival quality (acid free); we recommend white or off-white mats.



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