Speedball Screen Printing Photo Emulsion Kit

Speedball Screen Printing Photo Emulsion Kit

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Use these emulsions effectively with either water or solvent-based inks. They are for use on polyester screen fabrics only. Reclaim screen with Ulano Stencil Remover No. 4.

Note: Diazo Sensitizer is required in order to use the Diazo Photo Emulsion correctly. Speedball recommends using the full 2 oz with the 26.4 oz Emulsion.

Diazo System Emulsion Kit ‚ÄĒ Kit includes 6.6 oz Emulsion and 1 oz Sensitizer (to be mixed with water) as well as 8 oz Emulsion Remover. The shelf life for the sensitized emulsion is four weeks at 90¬įF (32¬įC), eight weeks at 70¬įF (21¬įC), or four months if refrigerated. An exposure chart is included. The Emulsion and the Emulsion Remover are AP non-toxic. The Sensitizer carries the CL warning label.

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