Recycled Coloured Pencil Set - 24pc

Recycled Coloured Pencil Set - 24pc

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Made with refurbished finger-jointed wood.

Finished in translucent varnish to represent the beauty of the natural wood grain.

Hard, dense 3.05mm lead for precise detailed illustrations.

Strong pigment for deep colour saturation, blending and layering. Blended colours stay clear with a smooth, consistent finish.

High quality wax-based lead is artist grade for lasting brilliant colour. Easily layer colours without waxy build-up.

Packaged in a metal storage tin.
The 24-Color Set includes one each of yellow ochre, brown, VanDyke brown, black yellow green, green, deep green, blue, ultramarine, light blue, grey, white, pink, light orange, yellow, chrome yellow, orange, vermilion, red, magenta, violet, purple, silver and gold.

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