POSCA PC-5M Earth Tones Set of 8

POSCA PC-5M Earth Tones Set of 8

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Now the best-selling POSCA Paint Marker PC-5M comes in fresh new colour combinations! New for 2023, the new POSCA colour palettes are inspired by colours found together in nature, with a mix of muted and bright colours to make your sketches feel balanced and organic. This is the Earth Colours Set of 8, including grey, ivory, ochre, emerald green, khaki green, English green, navy blue and brown.

The POSCA PC-5M is the most popular and versatile marker in the POSCA range. The PC-5M makes controlled marks between 1.8 and 2.5 mm, depending on your pressure and writing angle. It's great for drawing, colouring, making signs and posters, decorating windows and chalkboards, and organizing your office..

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