Mod Podge Photo Transfer Tool Set (3pc)

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Use Mod Podge Clear Image Transfer Medium to personalize all your DIY projects. Use photocopies of your favorite photos and artwork to create unique arts and crafts on wood, glass, metal, canvas and more with Mod Podge Clear Image Transfer Medium.
Photos must be printed on a laser, dry toner printer. This formula is a water-based, non-toxic medium that provides the ability to transfer any photocopied image onto a variety of surfaces without creating a paper halo around the transferred image.

For best results, use on hard surfaces. Once your image is transferred, you will be able to clearly see your surface, compared to Mod Podge Photo Transfer Medium that transfers everything, including the background color. This formula works great on light colored surfaces. Mod Podge Clear Image Transfer Medium dries to a clear, matte finish - perfect for all your arts and crafts!

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