Komatex White 1/8" sheet

Komatex White 1/8" sheet

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KOMATEX is a lightweight closed-cell, free foam, rigid PVC sheet.  It is homogeneously coloured with a matte finish that is tough and versatile enough for many of today's applications.

The matte surface is the perfect substrate for screen printing, painting, laminating, vinyl lettering and forming projects. 

KOMATEX can be sawed, drilled, bent and fabricated using ordinary (plastic) tools and fasteners.
KOMATEX is manufactured to be used for interior and limited exterior applications.  

KOMATEX is the preferred PVC sheet for uses requiring the following characteristics:

Chemical and corrosion resistance

Moisture resistance, very low water absorption (will not rot)

Low flammability (UL-94 VO flame rating), perfect for tradeshow and exhibit hall use

Thermal and sound insulation (absorbs vibrations and oscillations)

Approved for use where food is processed or sold

Similar surface finish on both sides of the sheet

Matte surface: ready to accept most inks, paints and vinyls

Ease of fabrication with ordinary plastics hand tools

Easily bonded to similar material and many other materials.

KOMATEX is free of lead, cadmium and barium and complies with national and international regulations protecting health and the environment.




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