Copic Refill 25 ml

Copic Refill 25 ml

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One bottle of Copic Various Ink refills a Ciao marker 13 times, a Sketch marker 8–10 times, a Copic marker 7–9 times, and a Wide marker 5–6 times — simply match the color number with the marker color.

Various refills are easy to use. Either use the handy baster-style booster, dab the ink directly onto the nib using the bottle’s angled tip, or use your Copic tweezers to remove the nib, making refills even quicker.

Various Ink is alcohol-based and permanent, with guaranteed color consistency. It’s non-toxic, photocopy-safe, dries acid-free, and cleans up with rubbing alcohol. It has a guaranteed three-year shelf life.


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