A visit to the NSCAD Art Supply Store in Granville Mall is always a journey of fun, discovery, and function.

Staff and customers often share information about classes, tricks of the trade, and arts-related events in the city, and the store also participates in Downtown Halifax Business Commission events. There’s also an area in the store where local artists can leave their business cards, or promote their events. While the store is mainly here to stock what is needed for the NSCAD students, the public is also welcome and other shoppers – tourists and city residents – can wander in more often for inspiration, gifts, and networking in the arts community.
Art supplies in the store include a wide selection of painting materials such as paints, brushes, paper ranging from sketchbooks to newsprint pads to high quality printing and watercolour paper. Fabriano, Somerset and Arches are just some of the brands that are carried by the store.
There’s also a section for cotton & wool yards and some sewing tools, plus fabrics such as muslin and mercerized cotton, rayon, linen, and silks. A selection of dyes is also available. 
Drawing supplies include pens, pencils, erasers, drafting materials, and pastels, conté sticks and crayons, charcoal, markers, pencils, and calligraphy items. Photography buffs can purchase black & white photo paper in various finishes and sizes, and film in 35mm, medium or large format. 
The store also carries some branded goods (which make great gifts) including journals, tees and sweatshirts, toques, pens, and ball caps.
Visit the NSCAD Art Supply Store located in the lower level of Granville Mall or use the street entrance at 1874 Hollis Street.
Contact Information: (telephone) 902.494.8176 (email) store@nscad.ca